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On the road again

Saturday, April 01, 2006

So long, farewell Blogger...

I'm making the move to wordpress....from now on visit me here! Adios!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Spring Fever

The reality of "real life" is setting back in. Stacks of mail, bills, allergy shots, work. Boooo. I knew I had a bad case of spring fever today when I found myself looking at job postings in Miami.

So. In the spirit of enjoying the here and now, I've created a list (yay!) of things we have to do before we ever move away from NYC. I tried discussing this list with R on the plane and he just doesn't share the enthusiasm I have for checking things off. We'll have to work on that. Not that I'm trying to change him or anything. Not already. I'm not. But come on....lists? Fun, yes?

Things We - or I, but preferrably We because We is (almost) always more fun than I - Still Have Left to Do Here:

1. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and eat at Grimaldi's
2. Visit the Statue of Liberty
3. Take a tour of the Stock Exchange
4. Go to the top of the Empire State Building together
5. Eat at Peter Luger's
6. Yankees Game (April 22nd, I know, I know. It's on the list until it actually happens.)
7. Lincoln Center - opera, maybe?
8. Circle Line around the entire island. Have only done the 1/2 island thing. Not the same.
9. Driving range at Chelsea Piers
10. Staten Island Ferry
11. Have a cupcake (or two) at Magnolia
(I'm realizing as I type this how much we actually have done already. that's nice.)
12. See a Shakespeare in the Park play this summer
13. Watch the NYC Marathon
14. Bronx zoo
15. See a game at Madison Square Garden. Hockey preferably. NBA last choice.
16. Ride the double-decker bus around the city. Why not.
17. visit The Frick

and now I'm blanking. I can't even come up with 20? That's a good sign I guess. We do try to venture out as much as our budgets have allowed. This summer should be a little more lax money-wise since we're not hemoragging wedding money.

ok. I guess I can hold out until spring is truly here. At least it's hitting 67 tomorrow. That's progress.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

hola? bonjour? where am I?

You know how you get back from vacation and feel like it all went by too fast? The beginning of your vacation seems decades ago but you still feel like you didn't get to really enjoy it?

I don't have that feeling. This time. First time ever. We were gone for two weeks, and it felt like a month. A perfect month that went by at just the perfect rate and contained the perfect mixture of relaxation, reconnecting, and ridiculously fun alcohol-laced moments with either friends or just each other.

Mexico was insane. Seven days of non-stop playing in the sun with friends and family, with a wedding thrown in the middle somewhere. Our wedding. Which was - to use the word again -perfect. Mexico was exhausting. I could barely function our last night there and was in bed by 9:30pm. But it was a good kind of deliriousness. A happy kind.

We were home for one night. Up five flights of stairs with an impossible amount of luggage, and he still carried me over the threshold. Because that's what you do. What he does. And he's mine.

I'd been to Paris before. Twice. But the last five days there were beyond what I remembered about the city, and much more than I had hoped for with my new husband. We just were. We walked around a lot. Sat at a bazillion sidewalk cafes. People-watched - Parisians and foreigners from all walks of life. Rode on top of a double-decker bus for two hours in the rain. The first two rows were covered, and we had the front seats. It is quite possibly my favorite memory of the trip. Riding around in the rain, but being warm and dry and just taking it all in. Nowhere to be except with each other. He kept nodding off, and I'd laugh - trying hard not to but not winning the battle. It was that peaceful up there.

We did the museums. The Arc and the Eiffel Tower at night. The things you have to do. But we didn't take a lot of pictures. We didn't cram our days full. We slept in, stayed out late, had amazing dinners and the daily jambon y mixte sandwiches for lunch with our wine.

We stopped into Notre Dame - I don't think I'd been in before. I would remember that, I would hope. A woman came by as we sat in our chairs looking around. "Can you stay for a few minutes?", she asked. "The Crown of Thorns will be presented and brought by your seat in a procession if you can wait fifteen minutes."

It was all I could do to keep a straight face. I don't think I succeeded. "Sure," we said. "We can wait fifteen minutes to see the Crown of Thorns." It was so ridiculous; so random. So we stayed and we saw. For one hour on each Friday of Lent it's brought out in ceremony and we happened to be there. I'm still not sure why this absolutely slays me, but we penciled in a few minutes to view the thorny branches that Christ wore on his head as he was crucified. Why not. (It was not what I had pictured, by the way. Nor did our picture turn out - R didn't do a great job of gawking and clicking simultaneously. I'm almost glad it's blurry. Makes it that much more random and surreal.)

I had the best cheese fondue of my life in Paris. We stopped talking about how expensive everything was and just went with it all. We jumped the Metro turnstile at the airport because we were trapped. We saw a duck getting gang-banged on the grass under the Eiffel Tower and didn't know if we should shoo off all the suitors or just walk away pretending like we saw nothing. We overslept on our last morning and got an angry call from the front desk telling us to please vacate the room. The world's largest Louis Vuitton store beckoned me through its doors, and inside I had the revelation that I will truly never be satisfied with the number of purses I own. We took very few pictures. Our necks and backs were peeling in the French rain from the Mexican sun. I bought a scarf to fit in with the masses. R found a pastry paradise and ate a macaroon. The memory of the bacon and cheese crepe I ate around 3am in the Latin Quarter our last night still makes me queasy. We made friends from Barcelona and have an apartment-swap proposal on the table. We laughed. A lot.

I'm not glad to be back, nor am I sad. It just is what it is, and the time away was everything we wanted, needed, and much, much more.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mr. and Mrs.

Monday, March 13, 2006

goin' to the chapel....

And we're off! Wish us luck this Saturday as we enter the land of the hitched!

I cannot believe that in 24 hours I'll be lying by the pool in Mexico. Do you know how long we've been waiting for this trip??

Back in a few weeks!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

can anyone help me with my stupid laptop? It's new, but when I'm typing it'll suddenly jump to earlier or later down the page so I'm typing in the completely wrong place. Like in the middle of a sentence I'd typed in another paragraph. It does this all the time, no matter what application I'm in....keyboard malfunction?? Any ideas? Bueller?

Marching forward....

I survived my first night of being 29. All is well. Had a nice run-in with a few firefighters, and an hour or two at a bar watching Chris Noth (aka Mr. Big) ogle every woman who giggled in his direction. And my friend Kajal lightly grabbed his ass when he passed by, which was just the best birthday present ever. You have to know her to fully appreciate why this is beyond hysterical, but I almost peed my pants. Which, to be honest, would have also been funny at that point because the whole night was one big goofball lovefest.

Anyhow. We're all packed up and ready to go, and just have to dot a few i's and cross a few t's before we're 100% set. It's so surreal packing for your wedding. I can't explain it, but I feel like everything is so significant right now. Like each small thing I do is so much bigger because it's my wedding week. I'm getting married in a few days. Dumb.

Also at top of mind is the fact that I'll be in a bikini in 48 hours for all the world to see. Yet am I at the gym working out with R? Nope. Lost cause at this point, really. And I'd rather be happy and lazy today than pissy and toned.

And the ultimate "I'm a boy and am so clueless sometimes" act of the month: Procrastinate on making the CDs for our ceremony and reception until the very last minute. Then decide it's a perfect time to "clean up" the iTunes and dump every song, reformat the drives and files or whatever nonsense is involved, taking two days to do something that should have taken ten minutes total. And are they done yet? Of course not. Because the D: drive isn't big enough or something. It's not like we LEAVE in 36 hours or anything. The iTunes reformatting was tres' importante. I know.

This is why men aren't in charge of planning weddings. It's not that they don't care. They're just too easily distracted and ADD for the job.

Friday, March 10, 2006

so good to be home.

NYC welcomed me home with a glorius 71 degree day today - too bad I'm slammed with work and can't fully enjoy it, but Mexico is a few short days away so I can deal.

I don't have time to pontificate much today, nor do I expect that to change before we leave...but things are good. A wee bit stressed out, but it's to be expected. Hopefully I can just enjoy my birthday tomorrow and not focus on the big things-to-do list that's growing exponentially by the minute!